Events Overview

News about CERN TH and its activities are listed on the home page of this website. Members of the TH department are assumed to be aware of all official announcements made there.

The department's TH Colloquium is a weekly colloquium of general interest for particle theorists and phenomenologists, and attendance is expected for all members and visitors of TH.  It takes place on Wednesdays at 2pm. For detailed information on all seminar series, TH Institutes, workshops, etc., see the respective links above.
Most TH events are held in hybrid format, with videoconferencing links
provided on the respective Indico pages.

The coming week's seminars are also announced by email every Friday from the TH seminar address. Everyone registered with CERN as being part of the TH department receives those mails. External people can ask to receive the announcements also, simply by subscribing to the e-group th-dep-info-seminars.

In addition, there are also more informal gatherings: weekly lunches to discuss the latest news (for example : collider QCD on Tuesdays), the TH Picnic in the autumn to welcome new arrivals, and the TH Christmas Party in December. The group usually also holds off-campus a TH Retreat once a year, in autumn, to facilitate integration of new members of CERN TH.