Problem printing on HP from MAC machines


if you have problems with printing on one of our HP printers and one of those messages appear :



Please do the following steps : 

1. Go on System Preferences -> Printers and Fax -> and select the printer that give you troubles and then click on the "-" minus sign to remove it 

2. Open Finder -> Go to Folder and write /Library/Printers

take the folder called "hp" and move it in the Trash

"Open Finder -> Go to Folder"

"Go to Folder /Library/Printers"

"move hp folder to Trash"

3. Go in Finder -> Applications and open Self Service

(if you do not have it please install from : MAC Self Service

"open Self Service"

4 Log in with your CERN credential 

"Sign in"

5 look for the application "Add a printer" and click on it 

"Add a printer"

a list of printer will appear and choose the one(s) you want to install and click on OK

"Choose the printer(s) to install"

6 Wait until the printer is installed then it should work  

"confirmation message"