Postdoctoral positions

The CERN-TH has openings for multiple CERN Fellowships (postdoctoral positions) each year. Please check here to apply and get more detailed eligibility information. In summary:

  • For nationals from member states, the deadline is September 5th, 2022 at noon (12:00 CET) for fellowships starting in 2023 (apply for Senior Research Fellowship Programme: Theoretical & Experimental Physics) Candidates can apply here.
  • For nationals of other countries, there are non-member state fellowships. The deadline is October 15th, 2022 at noon (12:00 CET) for fellowships starting in 2023 (apply for Non-Member State Postdoc Fellowship Programme (Theoretical Physics)). Candidates can apply here.

CERN-TH Fellowships are normally awarded for a two years and exceptionally for three years. On average the number of CERN-TH Fellows present in the member and non-member categories is about 27 and 4, respectively.

Fellow contracts usually start in the autumn of a given year (October).

The Theory Division also hosts other Fellows who are paid through external sources (Marie-Curie Fellows, Fellows supported by ERC grants, special national programmes, etc.). While it is possible to have such a fellowship and subsequently a CERN fellowship or vice versa, the total time spent as a fellow at CERN may not exceed three years.

Please keep in mind the early (late August or early September) deadline for member-state postdocs: almost every year we have a number of good but late applicants who cannot be considered. Unfortunately these deadlines lie beyond our control. While the CERN-wide fellowships also have openings with a March deadline, those openings do not include any theory fellowships.

Our offers (for member state postdocs) are usually sent out early, however CERN-TH has signed the agreement on the "Theoretical High Energy Physics Groups Common Deadline for Postdoc Offers". This means that no postdoc is pressed to commit herself/himself before Jan 7 of the following year. 

We welcome applications for EU Marie-Curie Fellowships. Such applications require a letter of acceptance from us prior to the application. We will apply the same standards for Marie-Curie and CERN fellows and therefore acceptance is not automatic. If you wish to apply with us for a Marie Curie fellowship you will need to inform us several months before the EU deadline so we can assess the applications.

Candidates of South Korean nationality are encouraged to apply for the CKC fellowship. For more information, contact the Korean Physical Society (


LD (5+1 year) Staff Positions

The CERN Theoretical Physics Department (CERN-TH) is seeking candidates for Limited Duration (LD) research staff positions. We are looking for outstanding researchers in all areas of theoretical particle physics, broadly defined. The positions have a duration of 5 years (usually extended to a sixth year) and are devoted to full-time research. CERN-TH has substantial stable research funding at its disposal, systematically attracts a large number of top theorists in a range of positions, and has an active programme of visiting scientists and topical workshops.

Candidates can express their interest by applying here, providing a CV and a list of three names and e-mail addresses of references, which the Search Committee may contact. Nominations are also strongly encouraged and can be submitted via All information about applicants, nominators and nominees will be treated in strictest confidence. CERN-TH has regular openings for LD staff positions and all applications, irrespectively of their submission dates, will be kept for a period of two years and considered in subsequent searches. For any enquiry regarding the positions, please contact

Diversity has been an integral part of CERN’s mission since its foundation and is an established value of the Organization. Employing a diverse workforce is central to its success.