Cosmology, Quantum Gravity, and Holography: the Interplay of Fundamental Concepts

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Early universe cosmology at the moment appears to be a uniquely positioned field in which we expect both new experimental results as well as fundamental theoretical discoveries since the effects of quantum gravity inevitably becomes important and a complete theory for it in the case of expanding spacetime is still missing. 

The goal of this two-week workshop is to bring together experts in various areas of theoretical cosmology and to explore the connections between more formal and more phenomenological sides of the subject. On the more "formal" side, there have been several recent developments in microscopic constructions of cosmological spacetimes using string theory and holography, lower-dimensional models of cosmology and in understanding non-perturbative properties of quantum fields in de Sitter space. On the "phenomenological" side, the new results include new techniques for computations of cosmological correlation functions, understanding of strong infrared effects, and effective theory of large scale structure. Even though the separation of theoretical physics into "formal" and "phenomenological" is rather superficial, there has not been much communication between the communities working on the above mentioned topics. The workshop aims to encourage new collaboration and a fruitful exchange of ideas. 

Organizers: Victor Gorbenko, Shota Komatsu, Eva Silverstein, Marko Simonovic


List of speakers:

  • Nima Arkani-Hamed
  • Andreas Blommaert
  • Tim Cohen
  • Jordan Cotler
  • Bruno De Luca
  • Frederik Denef
  • Lorenzo Di Pietro
  • Leonardo Senatore
  • Thomas Hertog
  • Mikhail Ivanov
  • Eiichiro Komatsu
  • Matthew Mccullough
  • Merhdad Mirbabayi
  • Joao Penedones
  • Geoff Penington
  • Guilherme Pimentel
  • Edgar Shaghoulian
  • Gonzalo Torroba
  • Beatrix Muhlmann
  • Aron Wall
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Eva Silverstein,Viktor Gorbenko,Marko Simonovic,Shota Komatsu