From the LHC to a Future Collider

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**EVO** All sessions and meetings will be broadcasted in the Universe community ("LHC2FC")

Registration: due to the large number of registrants, it won't be possible to accommodate any new participant. Please contact us by email if you desperately want to attend the workshop.

Goals of this TH Institute will be (i) to discuss recent physics developments, (ii) to anticipate near-term capabilities of Tevatron, LHC and other experiments, and (iii) to have discussions on the most effective ways to be prepared for giving science input to plans of the post-LHC era.

In particular, we want to address the following points:
-- Physics progress and results prior to LHC collisions
-- Physics goals and prospects for 2009/2010
-- Physics goals and prospects beyond 2010 and beyond the first LHC upgrade already approved for 2013

To answer the last two questions, we need to know what we can expect from the LHC with a certain luminosity, e.g. 10 fb^-1, in different scenarios of the TeV-scale physics and which strategy for the future one would adopt in each case. Discussing things in terms of signatures suggests our efforts be organized into four broad categories of possible signatures in the early LHC data: (i) a Higgs candidate (+anything else), (ii) no Higgs candidate (+anything else), (iii) missing energy, (iv) some more exotic signal(s) of new physics. Four discussion groups will study in details these different scenarios.

** Format ** The schedule will in general contain a few talks or planned discussions in the morning hours, followed by informal discussions and work in the afternoon hours. An overview of the programme is given here. The program also includes a Future Colliders Overview sub-series where the cases for different colliders (Tevatron, (s)LHC, ILC, LHeC, CLIC and Muon collider) will be presented.

** Working Groups **Four discussion groups will be focused on the different scenarios
of signatures observed in the initial LHC runs. See here for details.

**EVO** All sessions and meetings will be broadcasted in the Universe community ("LHC2FC")

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