MCnet-LPCC Summer School on Monte Carlo Event Generators for LHC

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The MCnet-LPCC school on Event Generators for LHC is the 6th school organized by MCnet. The school is aimed at doctoral students and young post docs and is intended to impart a deeper understanding of event-generator physics for both experimental and theoretical uses. It will be held at CERN from Jul 23 - Jul 27 2012. Lectures take place in the TH Auditorium (Building 4, top floor).


  • Monte Carlo Methods (L. Lonnblad)
  • Event Generators (M. Seymour)
  • Jets (M. Cacciari)
  • Matching to Matrix Elements (S. Hoeche)
  • Monte Carlo for Higgs (C. Mariotti)
  • MC Uncertainties and Tuning (H. Schulz)
  • Monte Carlo modeling for Heavy Ions (A. Beraudo)
  • Beyond the Standard Model (G. Servant)
  • Rivet and Event-Generator Tutorials (D. Grellscheid & H. Hoeth)

Apply: Click here to apply to the school (deadline 08 April 2012).

Funding for this year's school comes from the LHC Physics Center at CERN (LPCC). There is no registration fee.

Local organizing committee: P. Skands (chair), S. Ask, G. Corti, K. Hamilton, B. Heinemann, M. Mangano, F. Moortgat, A. Morsch, W. Pokorski, J. Winter.

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