Particle Production in the Early Universe

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Particle number changing processes in the early universe shaped the cosmos during several epochs of its evolution, including reheating after cosmic inflation, baryogenesis, and dark matter production. In many popular scenarios the semi-classical standard Boltzmann equations are insufficient for their quantitative description, e.g. due to the interplay between coherent oscillations and de-coherent scatterings, non-perturbative production, and thermal corrections to quasiparticle properties. 

During the past decade considerable progress has been made towards a quantitative description of these phenomena, including the development of novel and advanced computational methods. Though the challenges in different contexts often require similar methods, these developments have mostly occurred in specialised sub-communities working on specific applications. 

This workshop aims to bring together experts from around the world working on the development of methods for a quantitative description of nonequilibrium quantum processes, in particular those driving particle production. The focus will be on three methodological approaches, namely 1) first principles QFT methods (thermal and non-thermal), 2) methods to treat non-perturbative production, 3) novel/nonstandard mechanisms. The workshop is complementary to the rich menu of existing specialised meetings in the sense that it focuses on methodology and aims to bring together experts from different sub-communities using similar methods, fostering synergies and collaborations across fields.

Due to a limited number of places, we encourage early application (in particular before June 15) for this event. We also encourage the submission of abstracts for contributed talks. 

Organizers: Valerie Domcke (CERN), Marco Drewes (UC Louvain), Yohei Ema (University of Minnesota), Juraj Klaric (UvA, UniZg, Nikhef), Oleg Lebedev (University of Helsinki)

Invited speakers:Dani Figueroa (IFIC, Valencia)Marcos Garcia (UNAM, Mexico) (tbc)Marco Gorghetto (DESY, Hamburg)Julia Harz (Mainz University)Kimmo Kainulainen (University of Jyväskylä)Mikko Laine (Bern University, AEC)Eric Madge (Weizmann Inst., Tel Aviv)Kyohei Mukaida (KEK, Tsukuba)Marieke Postma (Nikhef, Amsterdam)Anna Tokareva (HIAS, UCAS, Hangzhou)Jorinde van de Vis (Leiden University)

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