Precision Holography

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The main aim of this workshop is to bring together experts working on three different but interrelated topics in the area of holography and AdS/CFT:

  1. “Traditional” approaches to top-down holography in string theory that allow for precise comparisons between results in field theory and gravity. These include the construction of supergravity backgrounds dual to field theory observables, exact methods in (super)conformal field theories, such as supersymmetric localization and integrability, and the microstate counting of supersymmetric black holes.
  2. Recent developments on tractable and exactly solvable examples of holography in low dimensions, most notably the duality between tensionless string in $AdS_3$ and two-dimensional conformal field theories and the duality between the Gaussian matrix model and topological string.
  3. Simplified versions of the AdS/CFT correspondence---known as twisted holography---that describe subsectors of the full-fledged holography. They have the advantage that both sides can be defined with mathematical rigor and can be analyzed exactly.

All these communities share the goal of understanding the inner workings of holography through the precise comparison of exactly computable observables. However, interactions across the communities have been limited so far. The workshop aims to bring together these communities and foster the future collaborations.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Nathan Benjamin
  • Alejandra Castro
  • Davide Cassani
  • Fridrik Gautason
  • Pietro Benetti Genolini
  • Bendeguz Offertaler
  • Seok Kim
  • Grisha Korchemsky
  • Nicolas Kovensky
  • Edward Mazenc
  • Silviu Pufu
  • Alessandro Tomasiello
  • Kasia Budzik
  • Ji-Hoon Lee
  • Valentin Reys
  • Brian Williams
  • Alberto Zaffaroni


We will be having an informal dinner at the restaurant Luigia (The Hive, 1217 Meyrin) on Thursday (June 8th) at 19:00.


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