QCD Meets Gravity 2023

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We were informed that several participants received phishing messages asking to book accommodation for the workshop. We do not make such arrangements and participants should check the Accommodation tab for more information.


This is the ninth in an annual series of meetings for researchers interested in Yang-Mills theory, in gravity, and in the connections between them.  It is intended to bring together experts in both theories, and focuses on applying methods and technologies developed for Yang-Mills theories to problems in both quantum and classical gravity.  It offers a venue to present results on several topics: the original double-copy relation between the two theories, its extensions to general classical solutions, and to the important observational problem of predicting gravitational radiation from compact astrophysical objects.

This year's conference will take place at CERN, and will include more collider physics as well as specialized topics related to systems of Feynman integrals and their evaluation.

Previous workshops:

QCD Meets Gravity I, Higgs Centre, Edinburgh, April 2016.QCD Meets Gravity II, Bhaumik Institute, UCLA, December 2016. QCD Meets Gravity III, Bhaumik Institute, UCLA, December 2017. QCD Meets Gravity IV, Nordita, December 2018.  QCD Meets Gravity V, Bhaumik Institute, December 2019. QCD Meets Gravity VI, Northwestern, December 2020.  QCD Meets Gravity VII, Bhaumik Institute , December 2021.QCD Meets Gravity VIII, Zurich, December 2022       

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