HOWTO install a printer on your Mac laptop

  • Click on "Print & Fax" from the System Preferences
  • Click on "+" sign or the "Add" button
  • Select "IP" or "IP printer" and the Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  • Paste the "Server name" of your printer: the server name is the name of the printer with the extention ""   ex
  • Fill in the "Queue" field with the part of the server name before "”: ex 4-1-thcor
  • Define the "Name" which will be visible in your Printers and Scanner pane.
  • With "Print Using", choose "Select a driver to use..." and highlight the correct printer model, ex. for 4-1-cor, 53-1-thcor, just type 4010 and select "HP LaserJet 4010”, for 4-1-thcor just type 606 and select “Lasejet M604 M605 M606"
  • click on "Add" and "Continue"