CERN Neutrino Platform - Theory working group (CENF-TH)

The Neutrino Platform is CERN’s undertaking to foster and contribute to fundamental research in neutrino physics at particle accelerators worldwide.

The CERN Theory department contributes to this activity by supporting an associated activity in theoretical neutrino physics. CENF-TH aims at strengthening the connections between CERN and the worldwide community in neutrino physics, and will help to promote research in theoretical neutrino physics at CERN. The activities will be carried out in coordination with the Fermilab Theory group 

As part of this program, CERN-TH welcomes scientists working in theoretical neutrino physics and related areas to apply to one of the CERN-TH visitor programs (please mention "TH-neutrino platform" in the application comments field).

CENF-TH is coordinated by: Gabriela Barenboim, Pilar Hernandez, Patrick Huber, Joachim Koop, Stephen Parke, Silvia Pascoli and Thomas Schwetz

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Hot Topics in Neutrino Physics, CERN Oct 7-11, 2019 Click here for more details

Past Activities:

Physics Opportunities at the DUNE near detector hall, Fermilab: Dec 3-7, 2018: Click here for more details

Near Detector Physics at Neutrino Experiments CERN Jun 18-22, 2018 Click here for more details

Neutrino Platform Week, CERN, January 29 -February 2, 2018: Click here for more details

Neutrinos: the quest for a new physics scale, CERN, March 27-31, 2017: Click here for more details


The Neutrino Platform (TH), in cooperation with the CERN TH group, is committed to facilitate participation in its activities by parents who try to balance career with parenthood. Information about a local nanny services are provided here.