Staff Position in Quantum Technology

We are seeking candidates for a Limited Duration (LD) research staff position in the context of CERN’s Quantum Technology Initiative (QTI). We are looking for an outstanding theoretical physicist who can connect the group’s existing research activities in particle physics and related areas to the research directions of the QTI. The latter include quantum sensing, metrology and materials, quantum computing and algorithms, as well as quantum communication and networks.

The position has a duration of 5 years and is devoted to full-time research. LD Staff positions may be held at any seniority level, from junior researchers at the beginning of their faculty career to senior scientists taking a leave of absence from their permanent home institution.

For more information and to apply, please see

Nominations are also strongly encouraged and can be submitted via Full consideration will be given to applications received by November 27, but CERN-TH has regular openings for LD staff positions and all applications, irrespective of their submission dates, will be kept for a period of two years and considered in subsequent searches.