Kudinoor, Arjun


Arjun Kudinoor is a Euretta J. Kellett Fellow and Masters student in Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University, and an incoming Physics PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His current research interests are on the physics of hot-QCD matter in heavy ion collisions, under the mentorship of Prof. Krishna Rajagopal (MIT). Arjun's most recent work includes substructure analyses of jets and jet-wakes. His work employs the hybrid strong/weak coupling model of heavy ion collisions to the study of jet shapes, energy correlators, and multi-parton interactions.

After growing up in Bangalore (India) and Colorado Springs (USA), Arjun completed his undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics at Columbia University. At Columbia, Arjun conducted research in experimental heavy ion collisions with Prof. Brian Cole in the ATLAS Collaboration.

Fields of interest
Heavy Ion Physics