Travel & Absences

We like to have our guests and group members around!

However, if you really have to go away, we have to know that you are not around. This is for four main reasons:

  • The secretaries can efficiently distribute office space.
  • It is mandatory for the purposes of insurance (if you are temporarily employed by CERN with a contract of Paid Associate or Fellow).
  • To calculate that the time you spend away from CERN does not exceed “acceptable” limits (as defined below).
  • In case something important happens that we need to inform you about.

For ALL types of absences, official trips, training or vacation, please register your absence through the EDH system (see guide) or contact the secretariat. When you make an official travel absence request, please put in the comments field the name of the conference you are going to, as well as the city where it is taking place.

If you plan to use your own car for travel, please contact the secretariat prior to departure in order to fill out the relevant legal forms.

Policy concerning absences for CERN TH Visitors and Fellows

  1. If you are receiving a per diem allowance for a short visit (up to two weeks), you are in principle not supposed to go away at all: neither to give seminars nor to attend a conference elsewhere. You are not entitled to “holidays” during that time;
  2. If you are on a per diem allowance for a longer visit, you may take some leave to give or attend seminars and take part in conferences, but the total period of absence should not exceed 10% of the time that has been allocated to you. Furthermore, you are not supposed to take any holidays;
  3. If for some reason you have to be away in excess of what has been mentioned above, we ask you to notify the secretariat so that the corresponding days can be subtracted from your allowance;
  4. If you receive an subsistence allowance  for a period of four months or more, you may attend seminars and conferences away from CERN for not more than 10% of the time of your visit, but you are also entitled to holiday allowance equal to 2.5 days per month. You will also be entitled to another 10% off your time here for duty visits (e.g. meetings) at your home institutions;
  5. If you are a Fellow, the same conditions as in 4) apply, except that the total amount of time that can be spent away from CERN for professional purposes can go up to 2 months per year. For information about Fellows' travel allowances, contact the secretariat.

For more information you can consult the CERN Admin eguide

While the above are our general guidelines, exceptional individual cases can always be discussed with the TH Group Leader.

We are grateful for your co-operation in this matter. If you have any questions or if you come across any problems, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.